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older ChangeLog
* Version 0.7.8

  FLTK Console (Shai Vaingast):
  * New: Select font style and size with menu, store current font in registry.
  * New: Setect text with right or left mouse and copy&paste with key Win+C.
  * New: "cocon=COLSxROWSxSCROLLBACK" to use console scrollback with keys
    Win+PageUP, Win+PageDown or mouse weel.
  * Disabling console FLTK resize functionality.
  * Enabled blinking cursor support.
  * New menu option "exit on detach" (quit console after shutting down).
  * Redesigned menu to be more inline with today's standard menu layout.
  * Workaround for some Vista keyboard drivers bugs where WinKey+C and WinKey+V
    don't work properly.  Now WinKey+Home and WinKey+End is the alternate.

  * Different description for file properties, add original filename.

  * Version added.
  * Filesystems EXT4 enabled in kernel, GFS2 enabled as module.
  * comouse.c: Fix build error, with CONFIG_MOUSE_COOPERATIVE. (Yin Sun)
  * Version removed from patches and config. Cleanup patches.
    Softlink arch/i386 --> arch/x86 for patches removed.

  * Suppress warnings from Python 2.6. (Shai Vaingast)
  * Config variable changed from SOURCE_DIR to DOWNLOADS.

  Updated libraries and tools:
  * FLTK 1.1.10, fixes problems with Window border frame on Vista.

* Version

  * Versions and
    o Bug #3021253: Hang/Crash with memory size not bounding on 4MB.

* Version 0.7.7
  Console and daemons (Peter Kuznetsov):
  * New: "color=black,white" sets default color.
  * New: "cursor=1..99" sets cursor size of nt-console.
  * TAB as separator in command line args.
  * Suppress "<d>" KERN_DEFAULT and "<c>" KERN_CONT on daemon printk output.

  * Version
    o ext4fs enabled as module, backport patch 2.6.26-ext4-7 added.
      Please read about using ext4 in kernel 2.6.26: (Thanks Frédéric L. W. Meunier)
    o Squashfs 3.4, Unionfs 2.5.4, Cloop 2.628
  * Version
  * CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED: Disabled. Newer udev don't like it. (El Topo)
  * scsi: Fix "unhandled opcode 51" (GPCMD_READ_DISC_INFO) for DVD/CDROM.

  Buildsystem / sources:
  * Source format cleanup. (Peter Kuznetsov)
  * moved into bin directory.

  Updated tools:
  * binutils 2.19.1

* Version 0.7.6
  * Bug #2895531: "mkfs.ext3 freezes on scsi disks" fixed by limit number
    of entries in scsi queue from 73 to 32, and changed type from Critical-
    into DelayedWorkQueue.
  * Bug #2890857: Fixed panic "COSCSI: response: use_sg (2) > 1".
    Walking thought scsi scatterlist with more as 1 segment now.
  * Bug #2893343: VMALLOC_END was overlapping coLinux shared host memory.
    If user used mem=1000, then this crashed Linux kernel or the host.
    Maximal guest memory limit is 984 MB, host driver will adjust it now.
  * Bug #2911886: Move file to subdirecory was blocked under cofs.
  * Bugfix pci device list. conet0 was missing in bootlog sometimes.

  * FLTK: Fix buffer overflow for option cocon=x*y with x > 256 columns.

* Version 0.7.5
  * Bug #1959846, #2760666: Don't crash the host, if an other virtualization
    runs in VMX mode.

  * Bug #2849262: SLiRP: Active FTP failed with "500 Illegal PORT command".
    Environment COLINUX_HOST_IPADDR overwrites auto detected host ip address.

  Console and daemons:
  * Insert keys from fltk console without keyboard mapping. (Paolo Minazzi)
  * New: NT console WinKey+V paste keys from clipboard. (Vladislav Grishenko)
  * Linux as host: Handle extended keys, for example ALT+CurRight.
  * Automatically add network dependency to coLinux as service.
  * Version informations about binutils and SVN revision added to daemon file.

  * Remove floating point handling from passage page code. FPU save/restore
    only on demand and only inside Linux guest kernel, if Linux kernel or Linux
    userland needs the FPU. In cases where FPU was not used on Linux guest side,
    the registers of FPU are not touched. That saves some time between operating
    system switches. It's 1 percent (or less) faster now.
  * Increase CO_LINUX_API_VERSION to 13, avoids crashes with older builds.
  * cloop updated to version 2.625
  * Forward plain text panic message instead "terminated with code 3".

  * Bug #2847393: Configure detected wrong program versions. (Steven Chen)

  Updated libraries and tools:
  * w32api 3.13

* Version 0.7.4
  * New: cofs rename allows to overwrite files with ReadOnly attrib.
  * New: cofs supports flat file modes "rwx" for owner.  Mount option
    "noattrib" disables these attribute mapping for older compatibility.
  * Use "setcobd=async" to enable asynchronous mode for cobd devices.
  * Bug #2013435: cobd supports read-only files now.
  * Bug #2152550: cofs atime and mtime was swapped on time set.
  * Bug #2176188: File sync wrong on cofs, command after mv/rename fails.

  * pcap-bridge: Fix suspend problems. Reconnect after loosing adapter.
  * New network "ndis-bridge" works in kernel mode and is the faster
    alternative to pcap-bridge. (Ligong Liu)
  * Bug #1396539: Fixing the "eth0: duplicate address detected!".
    New filter rule for ndis-bridge and pcap-bridge is:
    "(ether dst MAC) or (multicast and not ether src MAC)"
  * Bug #2055697: Crashing SLiRP under heavy usage ktorrent. (Shai Vaingast)
  * Bug #2357494,#2365031: ndis-bridge was not working with PPPoE, AoE
    and others types as IP and ARP packets. Type filter removed now.

  Console and daemons:
  * New: Added "cocon=COLSxROWS" to use console size, other than 80x25.
  * Bug #1117788: Fix sticky ALT after system menu from ALT-Space.
  * Bug #2013501: Stop with error message on empty parameters.
  * Bug #2593186: FLTK console command prompt display problems. (Shai Vaingast)
  * Bugfix: Enclose spaces in current directory for install-service.

  * scsi: New device for images with partition tables and works async.
    Usage "scsi0=disk,file.img" or "scsi1=cdrom,file.iso" (Steve Shoecraft)
  * Added virtual pci device handling. "lspci" is working (Steve Shoecraft)
    As side effect udev knowns the MAC of network interfaces now. This can
    make trouble with network interface numbers, that are renamed from eth0
    to some higher number. Please read the Bug #1861876 to solve this, and
    check your file /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules (Debian).
  * Add PG_co_host_mapped, save many OS switching times: speed up coLinux.
  * New: /proc/colinux/stats show counts of OS switches.
  * unionfs-2.2.4 added as module. (Marwan Al-Sabbagh)
  * Add sysenter / sysexit restoration support, for cpu with SEP feature.
  * Bug #2524658: GPF on raid5/6 md array by accessing MMX/XMM-registers.
  * Feature req #2114493: Add iscsi kernel support (CONFIG_ISCSI_TCP).

  * New images: Fedora 10, Ubuntu 7.10

  * Enable host kernel debug via registry [HKLM\SOFTWARE\coLinux] "Debug"

  Updated libraries and tools:
  * mingw 3.14
  * w32api 3.11

* Version 0.7.3
  * Check ELF header before accessing kernel vmlinux (fix exception).
  * Fix problems with memory hole from shared video cards and the
    error message "PFN to high".
  * Bugfix host freeze after "Using IPI Shortcut mode" and other randomly
    crashes at mounting the root file system with types ext2 or ext3.

  * Add build date to exe file properties.
  * View build timestamp of ntkernel driver with --status-driver.
  * Bug #1861876: Random created MAC stored in Registry to have same on
    every start. [HKCU\Software\coLinux]
  * Bugfix: Image files >=4GB fails with size error on parameter "-v 3".
  * Workarround for unresponsive key inputs on Vista flooded nt-console.
    Linux driver will sleep now, if message queues have to many entries and
    user task is busy. Network daemons drivers changed also into this mode.
  * Incrase NT console screen to most as can without scrollbars at startup.

  * Kernel has been updated to
  * Kernel config added: More Netfilters (NF_NAT and more), Network Security
    Marking, RAID and LVM as module (MD), extended attributes for ext2/ext3/
    reiser/jfs/xfs, Quota, Kernel automounter support, eCrypt filesystem,
    and more...
  * Removed: KALLSYMS_ALL (Debugging symbols)
  * SELINUX support. To enable, set selinux=1 in colinux.conf
  * Fix for splice local root exploit is included, details on
  * Feature Requests #1421120: Fixup "vim fsync" error on cofs.
  * Bugfix get_size for double opened block devices.
  * Fix BSOD on "stty rows N" where n>25. Disable resize. (Paolo Minazzi)
  * Bugfix: CR3 wrong converted for register dumps inside page fault handler.

  * Update image ArchLinux-2007.08-2
  * Text '* Notes' sometimes was only shown as '*', adjust field sizes
  * Feature Requests #1898468: expose install folder as variable %COLINUX%

  * New option --errfile use different file for stdout and stderr.

* Version 0.7.2
  * #1324092: cofs rename replace existing file.
  * #1791993: Ship modules with root as owner and group.
  * #1853578: memory usage limit: 0 MB on machines with 4 GB RAM.
  * Fix cofs chdir with wildcards on existing upper/lower directory.
  * Don't drop last char from config, if last line no ends with CRLF.

  Console and daemons:
  * New menu entries in FLTK console
    Power off: Fast power down coLinux kernel. Without file sync!
    Reboot:    Sends ctrl-alt-del, init process goes into runlevel 6
    Shutdown:  Calls "/sbin/shutdown -h now" with fallback to "/sbin/halt"
               Shutdown will automatic call from stopping as service,
               or if user clicks close on the colinux-daemon.
  * New: "colinux-daemon -p pidFile" stores ID of coLinux in file pidFile.
    "colinux-console-fltk|nt -p pidFile" attach the monitor from stored
    ID.  With this mechanism can open a /named/ console without knowing
    the current ID (Process ID).  pidFile will removed on normal shutdown.
  * Network daemons TAP, Bridged and Slirp runs with process priority high.
  * Added a nice colinux 3D logo image to the "About" box (Nlucas)
  * Stop with error, if double defined device (cobd,cofs,eth,exec)
  * Optimized workaround for DEP/noexecute problems (flush tlb).

  * Kernel has been updated to 2.6.22
    (Thanks to Anders Eriksson for 2.6.13, 2.6.14, 2.6.15)
  * Holds multiple kernel versions in patch series files
    (2.6.12, 2.6.13, 2.6.14, 2.6.15, 2.6.17, 2.6.22)
  * cloop updated to 2.06 (compressed loop blockdevice from Knoppix)
  * Hotplug enabled, udev usable

  * Text was to big for description box in installer. [Bugs item #1819219]
  * Add Ubuntu 6.06.1 to images page. Update image Fedore 7. Add web link
    to Notes for each image. Link to 'other images on SF' clickable now.
  * Un-/Installer checks a running coLinux before overwrite or remove old
    files.  [Bugs item #1396459, #1549148]
  * Uninstall old colinux with old exefile, path from registry uninstaller
    [Support Requests-1553923]
  * Update tapinstall.exe (alias devcon) from DDK 3790.1830 (Mar 24 2005)
  * Block installing on 64 bit systems.

  * Linux as host: Restructed build of colinux.ko, use kbuild system
    from host. Host with regparm=3 is usable (tested host 2.6.22).
  * Linux Kernel and daemons can build with differ gcc versions now.
    ABI is runtime checked.
    Usable gcc for kernel: 3.4.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x up to 4.3.0
  * Warnings from gcc 4.x fixed.

  * New: Debugging.txt with hints for debugging colinux start problems.
  * Option "-v level" enable verbose messages and debug prints on console.
  * colinux-debug-daemon: Only connect to driver, if args -s settings.
  * Leveled debug output to Dbgview.exe (
    Needs to enable facility/level with colinux-debug-daemon before.

  Updated libraries and tools:
  * gcc 4.1.2 (unpatched now, not from mingw)
  * binutils 2.17.50
  * mingw 3.11
  * w32api 3.9
  * WinPcap 4.0.1

* Version 0.7.1
  * colinux-daemon:
    - Obsoleted the use of XML files for configuration.
      XML config files have been removed.  Use the command-line 
      syntax in a name=value per line plain text file instead.  Please
      read syntax from colinux-daemon.txt and view into the file
      example.conf in coLinux install directory.
    - Added support for @ at the command line for passing simple
      configuration files.
    - Added '-k' option to suppress kernel messages on boot. This should
      let you watch other daemon's output more easily.
    - Incrase the maximum numbers of monitors from 16 to 64.
    - Warn about double configured index for cobd, eth, cofs, ttys, exec.
    - Print human readable error, if wrong linux.sys installed.
    - Return errorlevel procedures (return from running, --install-driver,
      --status-driver, ...)  Errorcodes: 0=OK, 3=driver version mismatch,
      14=driver no installed, 255=general fail (-1)
    - New: "execX=..." in configuration, launch external programs.
    - Bug fix: Quotation marks detection in config file and args, samples:
      eth0=tuntap,"LAN-Connection 14",00:11:22:33:44:55
      cofs0="C:\My files"
    - New: "ttysX=..." in configuration, launch coserial daemon.
      Internaly parameters "-f DeviceName -m Mode" for colinux-serial-daemon.
      Serial daemon is light usable under WinNT, you can login on /dev/ttyS0
      or redirect serial communication port (COM1 for sample).
    - Workaround for Xeon and P4 with DEP/noexecute problems (flush_tlb).
  * Console:
    - "set COLINUX_CONSOLE_EXIT_ON_DETACH=1" to close FLTK/NT console
      after shutting down and detach coLinux.
    - Menu Monitor Select is usable to select ones from running instances.
  * Service running:
    - Shutdown the service, if Windows is shutting down.
    - All files and config file no longer needs absolute path names on
      '--install-service'.  Working directory stored for service run later.
  * Kernel:
    - has been updated from 2.6.11 to 2.6.12
    - Bug #1479042: Ignore bootparm 'no387', while no emulation is enabled
    - Bug #1665812: Disable /proc/kcore from kernel config.
      Reading from this file would crash host system.
    - Bug #1643371: BSOD from dmidecode, fixed by disallow mmap on /dev/mem.
  * Updated libraries:
    - MinGW from 3.7 to 3.9
    - w32api from 3.2 to 3.4
    - WinPcap from 3.1-beta4 to 3.1
    - FLTK from 1.1.4 to 1.1.6
    - Remove all XML libraries from source
  * Installer:
    - Add new images ArchLinux and FedoraCore5.
    - Gentoo image updated.
    - Add locations Australia and SouthAmerica
    - Used NSIS version 2.22
  * initrd:
    - Automatic use cofs31 as path to file vmlinux-modules.tar.gz.
    - Print error on console, if initrd can't load.
    - Bugfix: 'root=/dev/...' must no longer the first bootparm for initrd.
  * cofs:
    - Break out the limit of filename length.  Basename length up to
      255 chars.  Fullpath is limited by path depth of 256 directories.
    - Bug #1151757: COFS disallow mutiple mounts.
    - Bug #1190080: Fix cofs file time/mode/flags after touch or write.
    - Fix mmap read error behind end of file (was not zero filled).
  * TAP-Win32 device driver
    - version 8.4 update from openvpn-2.1_beta15a
    - usable without admin rights
    - fixed crashing Vista
    - connection speed status 100 MBit/s (show/view only)
    - 'Check for truncated IPv4 packets' diabled
    - without linker debug symbols, without runtime debugging
  * pcap/Bridged:
    - Allows empty name for autosearch a connected LAN interface.
  * slirp:
    - SLiRP is the first choice of colinux networking types (easy setup).
    - Multiple redirection as parameter ':count'
      (Thanks to Bernd Brandstetter)
    - UDP receive Buffer incrase to 32K (win32 default was 8K),
      maximal size of a packet is 32767 bytes now.
      (Thanks to Bernd Brandstetter)
    - Incrase TCP MSS from 512 to 1460 bytes.
    - Remove honypot ports 517, 518 and 7648 from udp listen.
      talk and Cu-Seeme are not implement, still remove the table mow.
    - Runtime debug code disabled.
  * Introduce a new build system:
    - Target kernel dir splitt into source and objects.  New params
      --targetkernelsource and --targetkernelbuild as replacement for
      the obsolate --targetkerneldir for configure.
    - Allow to use ccache (
    - Use quilt for kernel patches, if quilt installed, fallback if not.
    - 'make package' creates one zip archive with and an other without
      debugging symbols.  The zip with symbols only will no more create.
    - New param --gcc-guest-build for configure: Creates the kernel gcc
      from source of cross gcc, if your system has an incompatible gcc.
    - New parameter --verbose for configure.
    - Python bin/ colinux:
      o Automatic awareness of changes in header files.
      o Doesn't require 'make clean' between compilation of 
        different coLinux ports.
      o Clean, flexible and easier to maintain.
  * Add icons to the other executables.
  * Linux as host: More positive tested host kernels: 2.6.17, 2.6.18
  * Wiki moved from to

* Version 0.6.4
    * colinux-daemon: Fix incorrect explaination in --help, for --remove-driver.
      SF Bug#1483449
    * Improved building 
        * improvements to cut down on disk size needed to build coLinux
        * improvements to make process smoother and better handle some errors
    * Fix do_wp_page: bogus page at address <address> (mainly seen with syslog) 
      when linux is host
      Thanks to Robert for >=2.6.13 part (2006-02-26) and Bernd Brandstetter 
      for 2.6.12 (2005-10-01).
      Tested host kernels: 2.6.10, 2.6.11, 2.6.12, 2.6.13,, 2.6.15, 
    * Fix daemons to read more than one message
    * Fix for dropped UDP/TCP packets between linux and host daemons.
    * cofs and cobd:
        * Allow relative paths in XML (except for \Device & \DosDevices)
        * Remove trailing backslashes from cofs paths
        * Improve console output of mapped devices & paths
        * Case insensitive scans for duplicate paths
    * cobd:
        * Fix for reference to NULL-Pointer
    * cofs:
        * Fix BSOD for long non-ansi names in directory 
          (Thanks to Kensuke Matsuzaki)
        * Fix for handling longer basenames (from 127 to 255)
    * slirp:
        * Handle larger UDP/TCP packet (more than 3000...4000 bytes of user data
        * Fix realloc problem that caused slirp to crash 
          (Thanks to Bernd Brandstetter for finding it) 
        * Always set destination address and port, destination port is not 
          always the same 
          (Thanks to Bern Brandstetter for finding & submitting patch)
        * bind to Window's localhost, instead of window's LAN adapter
        * Packets from Windows host are translated to, 
          other packets are routed but not translated 
        * Slirp redirection now works without any real network adapter
        * Fix Slirp redirection to work on LAN if colinux started before LAN is
    * pcap/Bridged:
        * Add promisc="false" in config.xml, or 'nopromisc' as last command-line
          (ie, eth1=pcap,"Local Area Connection","<FAKE MAC>",nopromisc ).
          Default is Promiscuous on.

* Version 0.6.3
  * Fixed "VFS: Cannot open root device" after installation modules from
    initrd (linuxrc). Mostly on jurnaled filesystems such reiser or ext3.
  * Automatic find interface, if name is empty for winpcap bridged.
  * Resolved SF Bug# 1235993 - Crash if find or locatedb runs on cofs.
  * Fixes issue with Services being killed during Windows Shutdown, 
    instead of Windows waiting for the Service to shutdown properly.
  * Fixes for memory size that are not a multiple of 4 (caused crashes).
  * Improved console i/o peroformance (especially on XP)
  * Resolved SF Bug# 1117510 - README file lacks information.
  * Resolved SF Bug# 1117511 - coLinux exits with our error message when 
    given a bad ethX command-line argument.
  * Restricted access to /dev/mem & /dev/kmem (fixes some udev and 
    install program problems)
  * Add CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-DEL to do an CTRL-ALT-DEL in NT Console
  * Added Unicode name support to cofs
  * Fixed problem with cofs, where creating a directory caused a crash 
    of Windows.
  * Made error messages slightly more friendly.
  * Optimized a little bit for non-PAE machines.
  * Fixed issue with reboot when doing a rename on cofs.
  * Kernel has been updated from 2.6.10 to 2.6.11 to fix console 
    slowness, in addition some patches to 2.6.11 to fix problems with crashes.
  * Synced several linux files for linux host builds to winnt files 
    for winnt host builds.
  * build scripts now use POSIX shell syntax.
  * Max Memory upted to 1000MB & tested.
  * Fixed problem with cofs, where doing 'df' on Win2k caused 100% cpu 
  * Updated slirp code, slirp is now a very stable network option.
  * FLTK console's font name and size can be specified by an environment 
    variable (only allows fixed width fonts):  
    set COLINUX_CONSOLE_FONT=Lucida Console:12
  * Added 'sdo' to scsi aliasing.
  * Lots of other document, little bugs, etc...

* Version 0.6.2
  * The entire configuration can be passed on the command line instead
    of using an XML file (working towards UML compatibility). Read
  * Linux patch ported to Linux 2.6.10. Linux 2.4.x will not be
    officially supported anymore. (Dan Aloni and George Boutwell).
    If you use an old root file image you might need to fix it, 
    read about moving to 2.6.x in the Wiki site 
  * Implemented a Cooperative file system driver in Linux, that
    makes it possible to mount host OS directories in Linux, similar 
    to UML's hostfs. It lets you access your C:\ without using
    Samba or other network file systems. Read doc/cofs.
  * coLinux should now work under PAE setups and AMD64 setups that 
    enable the NX bit (specifically, Windows XP SP2).
  * The slirp network daemon was added. This network daemon provides
    easy-to-set-up outbound network communication from coLinux 
    without using the TAP driver or PCAP library.
  * initrd support was added (teesoft2004 at
    To activate it you can specify e.g.  in the
    configuration, or initrd=filename in the command line.
  * Bug fix: Reception and delivery of network packets bigger than
  * Bug fix: Consoles and/or other daemons fail to connect to 
    colinux-daemon on startup (this is Windows only).
  * Bug fix: Stop reboots where different gcc compiler versions are 
    used to compile linux.sys & vmlinux, with an error/warning 
    (George Boutwell).
  * Bug fix: Proper floating point state preservation in the Linux
    guest. coLinux now passes the flops20 test program.
  * Bug fix: A tiny memory leak when coLinux is shutting down.
  * Bug fix: Proper reference counting of the driver in the Linux
  * Bug fix: The network driver (conet) now verifies checksums (as
  * Changed PCAP handling to use Connection Name instead of 
    Adapter/Device/Driver name. Name is now uniform between PCAP & 
    TAP and multiple devices of the same/make/model should be able 
    to be connected to. (George Boutwell)
  * Support AltGr for both FLTK & NT consoles. (Sascha Kettler)
  * Added a coserial deamon (only Linux for now), that allows one 
    to open a serial terminal to the guest machine. (You can run
    /sbin/mgetty ttyS0, etc.)
  * Improved debugging - we now have a debug messages "collector"
    deamon named colinux-debug-deamon, which collects debug messages
    from all the coLinux components. This also changes the way things
    are printed when you run the daemon (it is now easier to see
    what belongs to what). All debug messages are off by default,
    so things may go a little faster.
  * An API version number was added to make sure that you use the
    right vmlinux and user-space executables with the right coLinux 
    driver (previously it caused crashes if the APIs changed).
  * Added block device aliasing, e.g alias="hda2". You can specify
    such an alias in the  element in the configuration 
    XML and expect coLinux to mount it, even when passed with root=.
    NOTE: The cobdX device and its alias are mutual exclusive, which
    means that you can't mount both of them at the same time. 
  * Implemented a new timer for the Linux guest, this should fix
    time-going-back issues.
  * Improved message passing, which may boost networking a bit.
  * Win32-TAP driver upgraded to version 8.1. This version doesn't 
    bring any changes to the actual driver code. However it was 
    released in order to notify the other projects that bundle the 
    TAP driver along with their software, to modify the name 
    identifer of the driver so that multiple TAP driver users can 
    coexist (e.g, OpenVPN with coLinux). Therefore, coLinux now 
    installs its TAP driver as TAPxxxxco (where xxxx is the 
    driver version).
    After installing it, you will notice " (coLinux)" appended to
    the device name in the Network Connections manager. The old
    driver will remain until it is uninstalled.
  * If the MAC address is unspecified, a random MAC is choosed 
    using the familiar TAP prefix (00:FF:XX:XX:XX:XX).
  * Enhanced coLinux keyboard handling support (sends raw scan codes
    from Windows to linux) (Nuno Lucas).
  * Change memory allocation so that the RAM for the VM is not
    allocated on startup, but on-demand. This means the coLinux
    loads faster and less prune to memory allocation failures
    in the host.

* Version 0.6.1 
  * Multiple virtual NICs are supported (eth1, eth2, etc...).
  * Some small bugfixes.	 
  * Added the ability to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to the Linux machine.
  * Linux patch updated to 2.4.26	
  * Linux port (for systems running kernel 2.6.x)
  * Fixed a crash that could happen on swapoff().
  * Initmem is freed (no more 'missing implementation')
  * The number of maximum cobd block devices was increased to 32.
  * The daemon process is pinned to the first processor until
    we get the SMP stability issue fixed.
  * Time is not going backward for gettimeofday() users anymore.
  * Support for running more than one instance of coLinux is now functional.	 
  * No port I/O allowed from userspace: the guest Linux can't change the host's 
    clock, and it also fixed crashes that were caused by trying to run X.
  * Windows: 
    * Sizes of raw partition devices are now detected properly. This 
      means that the resierfs problems should be over, plus cat /dev/cobd* 
      would work for you.
    * Suspension of the host machine won't cause colinux-daemon problems like 
      memory leaks.
    * The daemon can install itself as a service (Jaroslaw Kowalski). 
      Stopping the service sends Ctrl-Alt-Del to let the Linux VM
      shutdown cleanly.
    * The daemon can install the linux.sys driver separately from its run,
      which can allow you to run coLinux as any user that have access to
      the installed driver (Daniel R. Slater).	 
    * coLinux now builds using MingW32 and no longer depends on cygwin1.dll.
    * Added scripts for building the MingW32 cross compiler on Linux,
      plus scripts that download, compile, and install the libraries
      coLinux depends on.
    * The name of the TAP device to use can be specified with the
      'name' attribute in the XML. NOTICE: The name is matched against
      the string that appears in Network Connections (e.g., 'Local Area 
      Connection') and not the device name assigned by Windows (e.g.,
      'TAP-Win32 Adapter')
    * The driver is installed from the daemon's installation directory
      rather than from the current running directory.
  * Linux port:
    * Sending SIGHUP to the daemon causes it to issue Ctrl-Alt-Del on the
      Linux VM.
  * Consoles: 
    * Fixed a bug in the clear operation: let it clear with the right video 
      erase character so that ncurses apps would appear properly.
    * Fixed virtual console switching (alt-f1, alt-f2, etc.) so it will
      save/redraw the screen like it should.
    * FLTK: The cursor is visible again.
    * If keyboard focus is taken away from the consoles, it will release
      any pressed key in the VM.

* Version 0.6.0 AKA "Getting even"
  * Ballard, Jonathan H.:  
    * fixed implicit declarations
    * added co_os_realloc()
    * fixed overflow with the XML memory config
    * reimplemented os/winnt/user/daemon.c.
      A threaded implementation with with message queue,
      wait state, and error recovery.
    * merged the NT-native console. 
    * console updates and improvements (cocon, console-nt)
    * update FLTK/console clearscreen (20040305)
    * enabled console-nt exit (20040305)
  * Added more checks to the XML parsing.
  * Made the context switch code more sensitive about the processor's 
    capabilities, running coLinux on old AMD processors will hopefully not 
    cause a reboot anymore.
  * Linux patch upgraded to 2.4.25.
  * Hopefully fixed the %fs/%gs issue for good.
  * vmlinux can now be bigger while not causing the host to boot, this means
    that you can compile more stuff not as modules.
  * Reimplemented the method in which coLinux allocates memory in the host
    kernel. It now allocates memory from the unmapped free page pool, which  
    means you can use more than 256MB of RAM, unlike the previous method. 
    Note that the first coLinux boot may be a little slower since Windows is 
    freeing cache and swapping out stuff in order to provide accommodation for 
    Linux's memory. You can see it in action by looking at the Task Manager.
  * NSIS-based installer for the Windows binary distribution (based on 
    work by NEBOR Regis.
  * gettimeofday() now works. Things that broke because they depended on it
    should now work. I have to enable port I/O in order to for this to work,
    but I plan to disable it in the future. If you compile a new vmlinux
    Make sure that CONFIG_X86_TSC is enabled in your .config file.
  * New daemon switch -t: Type of console to launch. Default is fltk.

* Version 0.5.4 AKA "Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis" (%gs/%fs) release
  * Fixed an issue with i686-optimized pthread and the preservation of 
    %gs and %fs. The crashes that were caused by the i686 Gentoo image 
    should now disappear. 
    WINE would also work now ;)
  * cobd: Fixed accessing large block devices (1GB >). cobd0 was passing 
    wrong information to userspace.
  * conet: Statistics are now gathered (patch by Pat Erley)
  * Tuned the time conversion between Windows and Linux. The machine is 
    now initialized with the right date, not 4 days backwards.
  * Applied a configuration parsing fix (patch by Ballard Jonathan)
  * Some improvements of the switch code. We now preserve more registers,
    (MMX/SSE/SSE2/FP), and coLinux now has its own GDT. These changes 
    should assure stability on more systems and processors.
    This fix also appears to solve the problem where processes were stuck
    on nanosleep() calls.
  * conet-pcap: pcap-based daemon (contributed by Alejandro R. Sedeno). 
  * Network configuration is now handled in the coLinux configuration XML.
    For backward compatibility, add:
    <network index="0" name="TAP" type="tap"></network>
    If you want to use pcap (i.e, bridged Ethernet), add:
    <network index="0" name="XXXX" type="bridged"></network>
    (Where XXXX is a substring of your network adapter's name)
    Optional attributes: mac="XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" - specifies the MAC
    address of the interface in the Linux side. Recommended on bridged
    networking setups, where more than one Windows machine will be 
    running coLinux on the same subnet.

    I also prepared the ground for supporting more than one network device
    (i.e, eth1, eth2, etc.), but it is not yet completed.
  * linux: avoid more I/O in time.c.

* Version 0.5.3 AKA "Valentine release"
  * Virtual CMOS system time is now passed to Linux, you no longer
    need to update the time using ntp on boot. Note that the virtual CMOS
    time is GMT, so the coLinux machine needs to set its own timezone.
  * cobd's devfs support was added to the Linux patch. Gentoo would work 
    now (based on a patch from Pat Erley). 
    A Gentoo root filesystem was created and released by Pat Erley.
  * Fixed an unwanted termination that was discovered when devfs was compiled
    in to the kernel.
  * Fixed an issue with mxml and the passage of boot parameters.
  * colinux-console: Fixed the CPU utilization issue.
  * colinux-console: Escape doesn't close the window now.
  * coLinux RAM is configurable, using a memory element in the XML under
    <colinux>, like: <memory size="64"></memory>. Minimum is 8MB, maximum is 192MB. 
    WARNING: high values might destabilize Windows, because the memory is
    allocated from the non-cached pool which has a maximum of 256MB system-wide,
    meaning there's less left for Windows drivers and subsystems.
  * bin/ Thomas Fritzsche contributed this script which
    automates the creation of a cross compilation cygwin environment 
    on Linux.

* Version 0.5.3-pre2
  * Fixed the reported (and unreported) network bugs. 
  * Worked out some scheduling issue.

* Version 0.5.3-pre1 AKA "flamed chicken"
  * Fixed a BSOD bug (thanks Richard Goodwin for the memory dump stacks)
  * No longer depending on the Microsoft DDK for the build (review doc/building),
    (thanks Nir Perry for the encourgement)
  * The daemon launches the console by default when it is launched (can be turned
    off with '-d', see '-h').
  * The daemon is killable just like a normal Windows process. Doing so stops the
    Linux machines cleanly (from Windows' standpoint), so feel free to close the
    window, end the task, CTRL-C, etc.
  * It no longer depends on the Microsoft DDK for the build.
  * An almost complete rewrite - we now use message passing instead of hardwired 
    ioctls(). Only the daemon communicates with the driver. The console and the
    network daemon communicate with the daemon using a named pipe.
  * Fixed the block device bug that fsck triggered (thanks Daniel Glockner)
  * Hopefully addressed the network corruption issue (thanks Daniel Glockner again)
  * Boot parameters are now passed to the kernel. Make sure you update your 
    XMLs with 'root=/dev/cobd0' if you still want to boot from the first 
    block device. 
  * The conet daemon is a separate process (shouldn't affect you).
* Version 0.5.2
  * Added some missing files to the build tree
  * doc/cygwin-cross-build - How to build a cygwin cross compilation tools
    on Linux.
  * Made the daemon more proofed to mistakes. It's logic about loading/
    unloading the driver is much more sane now.
  * Added a cursor support to the console.