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Public Subversion Source Control Repostory

We have set up a public source control Subversion (SVN) repository.
You can online browse via to see any files,
view revisions and changelogs - simply, the whole history of coLinux.

Everyone can pull from this repository as read-only. Only developers can push changes.

Here' a short guide to get you started. Please make sure you read the Guided Tour of Subversion before asking questions in the mailing list. This short tutorial should help in the first steps. Follow these steps in order to create your own local workspace from the public repository.

  1. Get or build a copy of a SVN client software for your platform

  2. CoLinux has the main branches stable and devel.
    Lets check your svn installation by getting the list of branches:

    $ svn list devel/ nlucas/ stable/

    Detailed instructions for using SVN on this server finds on SourceForge.

  3. You can checkout the latest development revision from branch devel using:

    $ svn checkout colinux ... A colinux/Makefile.linux A colinux/NEWS A colinux/Makefile Checked out revision 633.
  4. Now you have the last revision, with all history informations. View the history:

    $ cd colinux $ svn log --verbose --limit 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r633 | henry | 2007-05-11 19:11:48 +0000 (Fri, 11 May 2007) | 8 lines Changed paths: M /branches/devel/Makefile.winnt M /branches/devel/bin/ M /branches/devel/bin/ M /branches/devel/bin/ M /branches/devel/src/colinux/os/winnt/user/install/ [org.colinux.devel @ 3ecd1b492d024a493afee1546246896e17390177] * Preserve dates on stripped files * Move creation of vmlinux-modules.tar.gz form and to, 3 files as hard links now. ...

    The line '[org.colinux.devel @ 3ecd1b492d024a493afee1546246896e17390177]' marks an import from older versions control system 'Monotone' and is independent for SVN.

  5. Or optionally, you can look at the list of tags on a particular version or snapshot; we will use the version tagged as snapshot-20070303.
    First get the list of tags:

    $ svn list 0.6.1/ 0.6.2/ ... snapshot-20061003/ snapshot-20061117/ snapshot-20070303/

    Get the version tagged as snapshot-20070303 now:

    $ svn checkout colinux
  6. That's it, you're done! You will now find yourself with a checked out working copy in the directory colinux, which you can edit, merge, commit, etc.
    In the future, you can update new versions from the server using this pair of commands:

    $ cd colinux ... $ svn update ...
  7. If you are a side contributor who doesn't have 'write' privileges but would like to send a patch, you can run the 'diff' command in order to produce it:

    $ svn diff