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Development Team Members

Dan Aloni

In late 2000, Dan Aloni, first year Computer Science, BSc student, was first exposed to Linux kernel development. Since he had a Microsoft Windows programming background, as a new Open Source Software enthusiastic he tried to port User Mode Linux to Cygwin. This port was later known as UMLWin32 and its development is currently led by Chandan Kudige, whose efforts and the efforts of others helped to bring it into an almost usable state.

However, Dan saw the potential of virtuallizing Linux on another level, and then on November 2003, 3 years after UMLWin32, after he gained more kernel programming experience, he began writing the Cooperative Linux port from scratch based on his initial ideas, completely separated from the UML source base.

Jun Okajima

Jun OKAJIMA, has been working as programmer, network administrator, and hardware desginer for many years. Okajima keeps his own company, Digital Infra, Inc in Tokyo, Japan. He has a vision about creating the next infrastructure of digital society, and he is working on it day and night, but some people say that he mainly works on marketing, not engineering. One of the reasons Okajima helps with coLinux development is because he believes it is a very good instrument for marketing Linux in Japan.

Kuniyasu Suzaki

Kuniyasu SUZAKI, senior researcher of AIST (formaly ETL) is specializing in ubiquitous computing, and researched many aspects of it, such as remote computing like VNC, CD Boot OS like KNOPPIX, and the use of suspension technology with virtual machines. Currently, He thinks that the KNOPPIX approach is practical and therefore he helps with coLinux's development in order to run KNOPPIX on Windows.

Current Developers

The list of developers above are the first beginners, who started with the early coLinux. More recent developers finds on memberlist and in lot of changelogs from our source. Current Maintainer is Henry Nestler.